Top 7 ways to make extra money at home

Stuck at home after a lock-down or maintaining social distance to avoid the global corona pandemic? It is quite understandable that there is a general fear among people, not only about the pandemic but also about the probable crippling effects of the same on the economy and on their careers.

The Coronavirus has changed the job market almost overnight. The global outbreak has seriously impacted the economy and job security. It will have long-lasting, game-changing ramifications. The government has ordered us to remain indoors and self-quarantine to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Companies have asked their employees to work from home. These current trends will continue even after we defeat the outbreak.

Your local restaurants, gyms and theaters might be closed, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll need to live off your savings during the current quarantine. There are plenty of ways to make money from the comfort of your home and supplement your income during these uncertain times. Today, we’ll show you a few different methods you can use to earn money at home while practicing safe social distancing. 

7. Freelancer

There are more than enough websites that offer freelance work. When you join sites like Upwork, fiverr, Freelancer,TaskRabbittGigbucks,  or FlexJobs, you’ll have access to hourly jobs that include everything from writing, customer service, graphic design, data entry, and transcribing material into different languages.

What’s great about these jobs are that they are based on your skills and talents and you can work on them whenever you have free time at work.

6. Amazon Online Jobs

Amazon is one of the most respected shopping portal. Along with shopping, you can also make great income with Amazon.

Most of the online jobs are very simple and anyone with basic knowledge of internet and English can do this. You can even make thousands of dollars monthly with some of the options.

For more details you can visit https://www.amazon.jobs/en/ there you can see the complete list and decide which online job is suitable for you.

5. Online Tutor

If you love teaching and looking for something that can be done from home, then online tutor jobs are best for you.

Online tutor jobs are increasingly in demand and you can make great money teaching online to students in India and all over the world.

There are many websites where you can join as a tutor and earn. You can start teaching on Unacademy or else check tutoring jobs on Urbanpro.

4. Affiliate Marketer

For those unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it’s simply referral marketing where you earn a commission. Let’s say that you have a website and refer a book on Amazon. When the visitor clicks the affiliate link and buys the book, Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale.

People love affiliate marketing because they can start earning money passively with few startup costs. ClickBank is a good place to start. Pay is directly proportional to your follower count and audience demographics.

3. Social Media Manager

Social media managers create, manage, and grow brands through content creation and advertising campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. Skills such as photography, writing and editing, research, marketing, and data collection are key.

How to Get It? You can apply directly to companies if you see a job posting, or visit hubs like IndeedGlassdoor, and ZipRecruiter and search “remote social media manager jobs.” Working Nomads also has a lengthy list of remote social media manager job listings.

2. Virtual Assistant

Many companies hire self-employed virtual assistants to save employment costs. You will perform typical office duties from home such as replying to emails, managing calendars, entering data, and assisting with social media.

Start with websites like Upwork, FlexJobs, and PeoplePerHour to find freelance opportunities related to virtual assisting.

1. Start your own blog

If writing articles about what other people want you to write about sounds like a drag, what about writing about whatever the heck you want to write about? To put it simply, start your own blog.

Blogging can be an incredible work from home job. With some effort and persistence, it can really rake in a serious return over time. Here are the essential steps of making blogging a work from home job for yourself:

  • Learn how to start a blog
  • Choose a domain name (through a hosting company like Bluehost) and build your blog
  • Once your site is live, begin brainstorming winning blog post ideas that’ll drive traffic to your blog
  • Figure out your best ways to make money blogging—usually through a combination of subscribers, sponsors and affiliate deals

Time for Action

I can keep sharing information but nothing gonna help you until you take the action. People are afraid of failure and they don’t start anything.

Take the first step and you will see the light ahead. I am sure you can pick one idea from this list.

Many of these work-at-home opportunities involve either passive income or spare-time endeavors that aren’t likely to turn into full-time pursuits. But some, such as freelance writing and affiliate marketing are readily scalable.

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